The Head of the Laboratory - Professor Bulanov S.V.


The main problems are:

The investigation on the theory and computer simulation of nonlinear processes in plasmas is devoted to the problems of the physics of nonlinear processes with a main attention paid to studies of high intense laser pulse interaction with plasmas, to the theory of the magnetic field line reconnection in space and laboratory plasmas and studies of capillary discharges for the X-ray lasers.


Russia: M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology, the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Moscow), the Institute of Computational Technology of Sibirian Division of the Academy of Sciences of Russia (Novosibirsk);

Italy: Pisa University (Pisa), Turin University (Turin), the Institute for Plasma Physics - CNR (Milan), Milan University (Milan), the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Physics - CNR (Pisa), Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa);

Netherlands: the FOM-Instituut voor plasmafysica, "Rijnhuizen", Nieuwegein;

Germany: Ruhr University, Bochum;

USA: Brookhaven National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory;

India: Institute for Plasma Physics (Ghandinagar);

Japan: the Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University (Osaka), Toyama University (Toyama).


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You can also see some other our works here.

Address: Prof. Bulanov S.V., General Physics Institute, Plasma Physics Department, Vavilova 38, 119991 Moscow, Russia.
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