Head of the Laboratory - Grebenshchikov Stanislav E. , PhD ( Physics ).

Main Problems under Investigation:

Study of physics of plasma heating and confinement in the L-2M stellarator in ECR (P < 900 kW), ICR (P < 150 kW) and Ohmic (P < 80 kW) heating regimes.

Measurement of the electron temperature distribution in the plasma column by means of the multichannel X-ray detector system and Thomson scattering. Study of influence of the plasma pressure on the magnetic configuration of the stellarator.

Measurement of the ion temperature by the charge-exchange neutral-particle analyzer.

Measurement of the electron density distribution by means of the multichannel HCN-laser interferometer and Thomson scattering.

Analysis of the experimental data by simulating the plasma confinement and heating on the basis of the TRANZ hybrid neoclassical code developed in the Laboratory.

Spectroscopic studies of plasma radiation in the visible and UV spectral regions. Study of the effect of impurities on the confinement properties of plasma.

Development of techniques and facilities for ICR plasma heating in the stellarator.

Investigation of the light-pressure forse acting on atoms in the field of high-power laser radiation.


CIEMAT ( Spain, Madrid ).Joint experiments on the TJ-1U and TJ-II.

Central Research Institute for Physics HAS ( Hungary, Budapest ). Joint experiments on action of resonant light pressure on atoms and molecules.

Adress: Grebenshchikov S.E., General Physics Institute, Plasma Physics Department, Vavilova 38, 117942 Moscow, Russia.

Fax: 135-80-11