Head of Laboratory: prof. Kossyi I.A.

The Line of Scientific Inquiry:

- Microwave gas discharges;

- Plasma chemistry;

- Interaction of strong microwaves with a hot collissionless plasmas;

- Physiscs of nononedimentional shock waves in gases.

The Line of Technical Activities:

- Microwave brazing and welding;

- Gas discharges for ecological purposes;

- Gas - discharge thin films deposition (TiN, diamond, diamond-like, etc.);

- Gas - discharge cleaning of a waste water.


Hughes Research Laboratories (USA);

Rockwell International Corporation, Rocketdyne Division (USA);

Scientific Utilization, Inc., (USA);

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA);

Dae Won Paptin Form Company (Korea);

Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands).

Adress: Prof. Kossyi I.A., General Physics Institute, Plasma Physics Department, Vavilova 38, 117942 Moscow, Russia.

Fax: 135-80-11