Head of Laboratory: prof. Batanov G.M.

The Line of Scientific Inquiry:

- Nonlinear Phenomena in the Strong Microwave Fields;

- Electron Cicliotron Resonance Heating of Plasma in Stellarator Systems;

- Turbulente Oscillations and the Transfer Processes in Magnetized Plasmas;

- Microwave discharges on the surface of the solids;

- Microwave discharges in gases;

- Experimental modeling of the explosive plasma processes in the solar corona.


The Line of Technical Activities:

- High Power Microwave Convertion to the Direct Electrical Current in Plasma;

- Creation the optical dence layers on the surfaces of the dielectric crystals;

- Microwave plasma processing of the surface of the metals and alloys.


The State Transport Company “MOSGORAVTOTRANS” (Russia);

The Humbolt University (Germany);

The Ministry of Science and Technology of Russia.

Adress: Prof. Batanov G.M., General Physics Institute, Plasma Physics Department, Vavilova 38, 117942 Moscow, Russia.

Fax: 135-80-11